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The only rebreathers with a safety warranty

Open Safety are dedicated to providing the safest possible diving equipment.   This is the reason we exist: to keep you safe underwater.

As part of that mission, we guarantee that our rebreathers deliver the highest degree of safety that is achievable. No other guarantee comes close.  It "future proofs" our customers and ensures they always have the best tool for the job. Our warranties are part of the evidence that we deliver that promise.

The first warranty we offer is a lifetime, transferable warranty on all Open Safety products on parts and materials. This itself is unique in the industry.

The second warranty is truly exceptional: our lifetime safety warranty within our Functional Safety system.  What this means is that if at any time, we become aware of a viable safety enhancement, we are obliged to implement it and deliver the improvement to all customers that have our older product, free of charge. 

For that guarantee to be sustained within our business, we run the industry's most extensive test and validation programme, in advance of sales.  We don't mislead customers claiming "lowest Work of Breathing" for example, we do the research, development to realise that and thorough testing, publish the independently audited test reports in full and deliver.  We HAVE to do this degree of analysis and testing, otherwise if a competitor were to achieve a lower work of breathing in a comparable product, our safety guarantee would require us to investigate how, better it, and deliver that benefit to our customers without charge - even if that means giving customers from a decade ago, new rebreathers.  This guarantee applies to every subsystem and for the entire rebreather for the whole of its rated service life.   This safety guarantee is truly exceptional in any industry.   We have been honouring it on our rebreathers around the world since 2008.

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