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All Deep Life Group companies are operating fully, supporting customers around the world with their security, medical diagnostic and PPE needs.  For more information see our Pandemic Response page. For meetings we offer Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or can provide full viral screening and PPE for direct support.

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January 2020
Commando Incursion Rebreather Instructor Training
Commando instructors completed training at the deep pool facility, Jakarta, followed by a week of advanced training on Indonesian islands.  Course was led by Open Safety's former Chief Clearance Diver instructor.
December 2019
United Kingdom
Special Forces Incursion Rebreather Instructor Training
Chief Instructors from Special Forces were trained on the Incursion CMR rebreather, followed up by training courses in their home country for 20 divers.
May 2019
UDT Stockholm
Specialist Session Speaker: Dr. Alex Deas on Functional Safety in Diving
The contribution Functional Safety has been making to military diving in Asia has been ignored in Europe.  Single faults are often catastrophic in systems currently deployed, when alternatives that tolerate three levels of failure are available at a lower lifetime cost.  Examples are given of rebreather systems, gas switches, and electronics.  Adopting these in Europe would be a step improvement to dive safety. This talk was given by Open Safety's CEO, the recognised authority in the field of dive functional safety compliance.
December 2017
Sports customers: our occasional newsletter
Covering the activities of some of our customers on our sports range of product and general information. Click here or on the image on the left to access the pdf.