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Special Forces Divers Tactical Vest


Special Forces Diver's Tactical vest for Incursion CMR rebreather with integrated body armour plate carrier.

NSN Number: 1386-99-428-5877

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Special Forces Diver's Tactical Vest

Special Forces Diver's Tactical vest for Incursion CMR rebreather with integrated body armour plate carrier.


  • Ballistic plate carrier, Level 4 protection 7.62mm round, (Front and Back plates up to 11" x 14", Side plates 6" x 8"), all plates can be up to 22mm in thickness
  • Can be used with Nato Tactical carrier
  • Knife Resistant
  • Allows for different torso sizes ranging from XXS to XXL
  • Light weight and Robust
  • Quick and Easy to fit
  • Cummerbund extension included for different waist sizes
  • Human Lift rated


The rebreather clips to the four large clips, on either the front, or the rear of a tactical vest.  The Special Forces Diver's Tactical vest  has been designed to be worn with the Incursion CMR rebreather, supporting both front and back mounting.  It includes body armour carriers.  When body armour is not used, the carriers can be used for dive weight and other items.

The vest is constructed from knife resistant Super-Hyperlon fabric, made in Europe. TPU coated lift webbing rated at 1,800kg is RF welded to the vest internally, to provide continuous lift reinforcement. The buckles are suitable for aiding a diver out of the water. Helicopter lift buckles (750kg rated) are available as an option.

The vest has internal pockets for Level IV body armour on front, rear and sides (plate size to 11"x14" front and rear, 6" x8" side plates, all to 22mm thick). Swimmable body armour can be supplied separately or existing body armour can be TPU encapsulated by Open Safety

One size fits all, with standard cummerbund for sizes XXS to L, and large cummerbund for sizes M to XXL.



The Special Forces Diver's Tactical Vest can be donned rapidly by slipping it over the divers head and secured using the velcro cummerbund system. To doff the vest, simply release the velcro straps and lift off the vest. The operation takes seconds.

The Incursion CMR is quickly and easily fitted to the vest using quick connect clips.




The Special Forces Diver's Tactical Vest is knife resistant and extremely strong.   

Due to its contruction the Special Forces Diver's Tactical Vest is simple to clean after operations. Its smooth surface is easily washed or wiped clean with appropriate cleaning solutions, such as Virkon, and its design means it does not retain dirt or foreign objects.



Yes.  A continuous belt of 1800kg rated TPU coated webbings forms a strong harness within the vest.  Buckles are 120kg rated as standard and 750kg rated in the helicopter lift version of the vest.





It is covered by our lifetime warranty on design, workmanship, parts, and materials. This is unique in the industry.