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Incursion BMR Backmount Military Rebreather


A safe and reliable military back mounted rebreather supporting all mission profiles.

NSN Number: 4220-99-327-8191

Incursion BMR Rebreather

A safe and reliable military back mounted rebreather supporting all mission profiles.


  • State of the art military rebreather offering O2 near the surface, switching to Nitrox or Heliox SCR for deeper dives
  • Back mounted in rigid case with integral rails and runner guides for diver egress through trunking of 500mm diameter and larger
  • Low profile, with water flow features, provide minimum drag when using high speed diver delivery vehicles or towing.
  • Fully flood recoverable, underwater
  • EAC scrubbers for fast change-out, flood tolerance and safety
  • > 4 hour duration
  • Lowest Work of Breathing in industry at :
    •  0.35 J/L at 10m, 62.5 lpm RMV
    •  0.6 J/L at 40m on air, 40 lpm RMV
    •  1.44 J/L at 40msw on air, 75lpm  RMV
    •  0.9 J/L at 100msw Heliox, 75lpm RMV
  • Integrates with OTS through water comms
  • Low-Mag (NM-B) and Non-Mag (NM-A) options to NATO STANAG 2897 Class A in all positions, static and dynamic tests
  • Low acoustic signature to NATO STANAG 1158
  • Rugged, with very low maintenance
  • Light: 13.4kg (O2 mode, ready to dive)
  • 17.8kg (Nitrox mode, ready to dive)


  • Covers all mission profiles with one unit
  • Low cost in capital and ownership
  • Flood recoverable underwater




Yes it is fully CE certified and a copy of the Type Approval Certificate is available on request.


The maximum depth is determined by which mission pack is fitted: O2-CCR, SCR, Dual Mode or eCCR.

The recommended maximum operating depth is 100m.

Under BS EN 14143:2013, the maximum depth any product can be certified to is 100m.   However, the tests audited by the Notified Body prove the product remains within the EU limits for performance even at 350m.    The product is also certified to NORSOK U101 to a depth of 450m. 

In reality, the maximum working depth is limited only by the bailout that can be carried by the diver, and it is for this reason that Open Safety advise 100m to be the effective depth limit for this rebreather.   For deeper diving, the Incursion Extended Range rebreather is recommended.



Ready to dive to 50m, including gas, scrubber and trim weights: 17.4kg.


The Incursion BMR is a back mount unit only, whereas the Incusion CMR model can be front mount or back mounted.

Back mount rebreathers are usually preferred for salvage work, long dives with diver propulsion or diver delivery vehicles, and for underwater construction where the diver's front must be clear.

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