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Incursion ER Extended Range Rebreather


A dual scrubber extended range rebreather optimised for the most demanding military operations.

Incursion Extended Range Rebreather

A dual scrubber extended range rebreather optimised for the most demanding military operations.


  • Mission Engineered for long duration, covert VSW Swimmer Delivery Vehicle operations; for pilot or transit operators use
  • Duration of 12 hours at 6m and 5 hours at 100m, under military diving profiles at 1.35lpm RMV in 10°C
  • Dual parallel Micropore ExtendAir Cartridge (EAC) canisters are used to remove CO2 and enable optimal flood recoverability whilst submerged; in order to offer the lowest risk to the diver
  • Lowest available breathing loop WOB (remaining within 100m CE limits at even 450m depth) of 1.38J/L at 40m on Air at 75lpm RMV
  • Integrated Dual Mask OC bailout valve capability provided by intrinsic ALVBOV (Auto Loop Volume Bail Out Valve)
  • Compatible with simultaneous wear of Incursion CMR: enables transit use of backmount Incursion-ER and then conduct of tactical target approach with a lower profile additional 4hr duration chest mounted O2 or O2/SCR UBA
  • Incursion-ER is field mission configurable for O2-CCR, SCR (Dual or Triple switchable gas mode) or eCCR modes and fail-safe by design
  • eCCR includes automated CNS management for long dives followed by O2 tactical swims and integrated End-Tidal CO2 monitoring; with solid state PPO2 monitoring
  • SCR and eCCR monitoring displayed via Head Up Display (HUD)                                   
  • Dual water dumps for underwater flood recovery and water evacuation on long dives
  • Enclosed protected dual counterlungs
  • 2x 2L 300 bar non-mag cylinders as standard
  • Lightweight // Less than 24kg (variable based onmode) in dual scrubber eCCR configuration with trim weight, scrubbers and cylinders
  • Lifetime warranty is provided as standard
  • Reduced mission downtime through modular design and minimal low cost maintenance regime
  • Certified to CE EN14143:2003, NORSOK U101 and IEC EN 61508:2010 to SIL 3.  IMCA Regulation compliant.

The Incursion ER is the SCUBA version of Open Safety’s - CE and NORSOK certified – dual scrubber commercial umbilical saturation diving rebreather, optimised for military applications, enabling:

  1. Long (12hr) duration VSW dives in swimmer delivery vehicles as either pilot or transit operators where additional underwater operations then need to be conducted at the target site; either wearing the Incursion ER or with a separate chest mounted Incursion CMR that offers up to an additional 4 hours of submerged capability.
  2. Deep (>60m) mixed gas MCM and salvage operations, where a single scrubber set provides insufficient mission duration.
  3. Clearance Diver or Special Forces diver training where one lightweight backmount UBA can be configured for O2, Mixed Gas SCR or eCCR operations by the diver.

This rebreather is highly reliable and carries a lifetime warranty provided for the product.   All parts of the breathing loop have been in production for more than a decade.  All main parts are injection moulded for maximum interchangeability and field serviceability.

Open circuit bail out, flood tolerance, underwater flood recovery and fail-safe features are all engineered into the Incursion-ER as a default.   Oxygen toxicity management, End-Tidal CO2 monitoring, Solid-State PPO2 control and high levels of Functional Safety are integrated into the CCR module.   The full safety case, including test reports are published on




Yes.  We recommend user organisations request demonstrations well ahead of time because demonstration and disclosure of certain aspects of this product requires a UK Export Licence.  Open Safety manage the export licence process on your behalf once we receive your End User Declaration.




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