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Ironman HUD Divers Display


The Ironman Diver’s Display is a depth timer, compass and dive computer fully compatible with open or closed circuit DSVs.  Specifically for military service, it features a multitude of different features whilst remaining easy to use with its smart phone like user interface.

Ironman Hud Divers display

The Ironman Diver’s Display is a dive computer fully compatible with Open or Closed circuit DSVs, designed specifically for military service, it features a multitude of different features.


  • Clip and fit to Open Circuit or Closed Circuit DSVs
  • Depth timer, dive computer & compass
  • Stealth Mode back up by lens cap for covert ops
  • Military decompression algorithms
  • Supports up to two wireless cylinder pressure gauges
  • Optional PPO2 monitoring from Open Safety sensor pod
  • Dive logs stored every second in UDF 4.0
  • Dive lab and Subsurface dive log analysis
  • Robust and secure
  • Rechargeable battery: duration 1 year store, 64 hours diving
  • Icon menus familiar to any smart phone user
  • USB-C charging and downloads
  • Functional Safety to IEC EN 61508:2010 to SIL 2

The Ironman Diver’s Display is a simple to use, robust and reliable, dive computer developed specifically for military service.  Fully featured with compass, rebreather monitoring, and 15 decompression algorithms, selected by an icon driven menu that can then be locked down by the diver supervisor.

The Ironman HUD is the only dive computer ever to meet a functional safety standard: in this case, the “Gold Standard” IEC 61508.  All software is in SPARK Ada, the critical systems language used for the European Joint Forces Fighter, nuclear reactor control, & UK air traffic control.

Dive logs are stored in UDF 4.0, an XML format that can be imported into Divelab provided with the Ironman HUD and Subsurface, available as free of charge open source.  Logs record each second of the dive, with 4GB of storage in the HUD sufficient for a lifetime of diving.

The HUD display mounts securely onto Open Safety DSVs and ALVBOV combined DSV and bail out regulator.

The Ironman HUD has an internal rechargeable safe Lithium ATEX compliant battery offering up to 64 hours of dive time.   It is recharged using a USB-C charger adapter that is supplied with the unit.



The Ironman HUD can be mounted securely onto Open Safety DSVs and ALVBOV combined DSV and bail out  s.  It can be clipped on or off in a second, without the diver needing to adjust its position.



The Ironman HUD comes with 15 pre-installed decompression algorithms including several algorithms specific for military diving.





The Ironman HUD comes with a lens cap for stealth mode, making it suitable for covert operations.  It also has a Stealth mode where the warning light is disabled, and the display only turns on for a few seconds when buttons are pressed.



The Ironman HUD has nothing in common with the Shearwater products:

  1. Electronics in the Ironman HUD was developed by Open Safety from component level up, to meet Functional Safety standards.  It is completely different to the Shearwater products.
  2. Software in the Ironman HUD is in SPARK Ada, the leading coding language for critical systems as it can be proven mathematically to be correct.  Software in the Shearwater products is in C and C++, which cannot be formally verified for correctness.   SPARK Ada is easier to maintain than C++, including easier to extend without introducing bugs.   All software in the Ironman HUD was written by Open Safety from ground up, and verified independently.
  3. The Graphics User Interface in the Ironman HUD is icon driven and familiar to any smart phone user.  The user interface in the Shearwater NERDs is not so intiutive.
  4. The optics in the Ironman HUD uses purpose built, multi-coated top quality optical glasses, for the best resolution, relatively insensitve to changes in head position.  The focus optics in the NERD is a plastic Edmunds catalogue lens that requires precise alignment.
  5. The general mechanical form is determined by the function in both products, hence some initial similarity, but the Ironman HUD was designed from ground up to military specifications.  The Ironman HUD clips straight onto a regulator or rebreather hose, without hinges and pivots, and can be connected or disconnected in an instant.  The Shearwater NERD bolts on and uses a series of hinges which can be knocked in use.   Another obvious difference is the buttons on the Ironman HUD are on one face, with nothing on the other side so they are easy to select: this is in contrast with the NERD where buttons are opposite each other so squeezing the unit can cause either button to activate.

The interfaces to the Ironman HUD are USB-C, Bluetooth, LF for gas integration and Safety CANBus, with wet mateable connectors direct to optional PPO2 monitor, CO2 montior or eCCR controller.