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Micropore EAC SM0801C Box 8


Box of 8 Micropore EAC CO2 absorbent cartridges for Open Safety commercial diving and sports diving rebreathers.

Micropore EAC SM0801C CO2 absorbent

ExtendAir® CO2 absorbents have been developed for use in military, commercial and recreational rebreathers. The main advantages of the cartridge technology are:

  1. Single use packaging
  2. Lack of dust compared to granules
  3. Water tolerance: no immediate "caustic cocktail" when wet
  4. Lowest work of breathing possible
  5. Excellent shock and vibration resistance

Micropore Extendair Cartridge, 125mm x 195mm with wide central bore (Model SM0801C).

Compared to the traditional granular carbon dioxide absorbents, it makes breathing up to 40% easier and provides up to 25% longer life support for any given weight.

ExtendAir® absorbent does not have the safety, storage, and loading problems associated with the granular absorbents. Granule absorbents form a powder when subjected to the shocks and vibrations of regular transportation, storage, and in-use scrubbing. The powder creates a dangerous chemical dust and settling in the scrubber canister, shortening the scrubbers’ duration and making breathing more difficult. ExtendAir® cartridges do not suffer from this type of degradation during transportation, storage or use. In addition, ExtendAir® absorbents for rebreathers offer a significantly reduced ‘caustic cocktail’ when compared to other absorbents. Operationally, it is superior since it takes mere seconds to load, reduces training time, is more reliable, and its single use packaging eases deployment logistics.

ExtendAir® cartridges (EACs) are supplied in boxes of 4, and shipped with a minimum order quantity fo 8 EACs.  On pallets, 384 EACs, comprising 96 boxes of 4, can be loaded onto a 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.6m pallet (weight 890kg).





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