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Incursion CMR Compact Military Rebreather


A safe and reliable military rebreather, supporting all mission profiles from combat swims at 6m to deep heliox at 100m.

NSN Number: 4220-99-594-5995

Incursion CMR Rebreather

A safe and reliable military rebreather, supporting all mission profiles.


  • State of the art military rebreather with mission packs that cover everything from shallow combat swims in O2-CCR mode, tactical operations in SCR modes, both dedicated and underwater switchable, through to deep operations using heliox at 100m.
  • Front or back-mount, with the same unit
  • Rugged with exceptional availability, backed by lifetime warranty on design, parts, materials and safety
  • Light: 10.3kg to 17.4kg depending on configuration, ready to dive including trim weights, scrubber and gas
  • Compact satchel style ( 35 x 41 x 16cm) including cylinder
  • Internal counter lungs for high entry or scooter use
  • Flood tolerant – can be recovered from a flood underwater without surfacing
  • > 4 hour scrubber duration, >6 hour gas duration
  • Lowest Work of Breathing in industry at:
    • 0.35 J/L at 10m, 62.5 lpm RMV
    • 0.6 J/L at 40m on air, 40 lpm RMV
    • 1.44 J/L at 40msw on air, 75lpm RMV
    • 0.9 J/L at 100msw Heliox, 75lpm RMV
  • Fully field serviceable without tools
  • Cylinders are avionic (vacuum) tested for HALO use
  • Integrates with OTS through water comms
  • Low-Mag as standard and Non-Mag options (to NATO STANAG 2897 Class A, static and dynamic tests)
  • CE, NORSOK and NEDU standards compliant & certified
  • Functional Safety to SIL 3: audited, with full disclosure of safety case, all test data, FMECA, HAZOPs etc
  • Low acoustic signature to NATO STANAG 1158
  • Surface Buoyancy Device available
  • Clips to diveable tactical vest carrying body armour
  • Proven with Naval and Special Forces around the world from arctic to tropics



  • Covers all mission profiles with one unit
  • Low cost in capital and ownership: lifetime warranty and free upgrade policy
  • Dive turn around time of minutes, using EACs and ready cleaning access
  • All test data published, audited and verified.



The Incursion CMR offers complete versatility including front mount and back mount profiles.

The back mount use the ALVBOV so that the CMR can be dived in O2-CCR mode or SCR mode.




All Incursion rebreathers are NATO STANAG Low Mag (NM-B) as standard.

For Non-Magnetic option (NM-A), add -NM as suffix to Product Code.
All NM-A rebreathers are shipped with a full magnetic characterisation, samples available on request.   Orders of more than 10 NM-A units are shipped with an additional batch certificate issued on a UK magnetic range.



The Incursion CMR is provided as a base unit onto which the following mission packs are available :

  1. O2-CCR for shallow water operations
  2. SCR for deep water operations
  3. O2-CCR & SCR switchable for complex mission profiles or to reduce decompression
  4. eSCR and eCCR for ultra deep operations
  5. Back-mount mission pack to provide both instant bailout and gas addition direct into mouthpiece.  A dedicated back mount version is also available.



The Incursion CMR can be used for:

  1. Shallow Mine Counter Measures (VSWMCM)
  2. Deep Mine Counter Measures (MCM) Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox
  3. Underwater intervention and rescue
  4. Fleet maintenance / Hull inspections

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