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Pandemic Response

Supporting you, contributing to society 

Open Safety is part of Deep Life Group.   All Group companies are operating fully, supporting customers around the world with their security, medical diagnostic and PPE needs.   We are shipping on time in full volume.

Open Safety was one of the earliest companies to initiate measures to protect clients and staff from the coronavirus.  To enable us to contribute positively during the crisis, on 20th January 2020 we separated staff into isolated small teams, each with their own spaces, facilities and entrances, completing these building works and readiness by mid-February, six weeks prior to lockdowns starting.  Our whole business group could then focus on serving our customers during the crisis and continues to do so.

For meetings, we offer Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or can provide full viral screening and PPE when engaging directly.

Helping us all mitigate the effects

Our Group companies addressed the detection, protection and security aspects of the pandemic as our contribution to society to mitigate and limit its effects.

We avoided the rush to develop new ventilators - it was our judgement from the outset that these would do more harm than good - better to increase production of certified product.  Instead we focused on the following beneficial activities:

Open Safety Equipment Ltd
Continued support to our military and law enforcement customers with equipment and training, helping them to maintain their fight against terrorism, piracy, kidnapping, and avoid regional instability in these tumultuous times.

As oil prices tumble, our commercial diving rebreather continues to be available to order, enabling dive service operators to reduce cost while improving safety.

We offered 200,000 CPAP masks from stock.  More remain available on demand.

Deep Life Medical Lda (Portugal) & Ltd (UK)
Deep Life supplied diagnostic kits covering the whole spectrum of coronavirus  diagnostics - key to limiting the spread of the virus:
  • Laboratory Antigen testing: Reliable PCR that detects the viral RNA in under an hour with less than a minute of technician time
  • Field station antibody detection: The highest performing (most sensitive) antibody detection: Surescreen 10 minute lateral flow test kits suitable for field use
  • Clinical antibody assay: ELISA testing that measure the level of antibodies
  • Field Antigen testing: a 15 minute field test that detects the viral RNA reliably

  • Contagion Controls Ltd
    Relaunched the AVM mask, developed for the original SARS-1  outbreak in 2002/2003, it provides 100% respiratory protection from viruses in a format that is comfortable for medical staff to wear all day, every day.  The AVM mask uses a combination of electrostatic filtering with a nano-silver coated molecular sieve that captures particles in the 60nm to 180nm range and neutralises them.  The AVM mask is unique in providing this protection in a compact mask.
    Contagion Controls also produce in its facilities FFP3 masks, coveralls and a wide range of conventional clinical PPE, fully certified.