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Open Safety Equipment Ltd: dedicated to providing the safest rebreathers on the planet

Warranty, Service & Returns

Future-Proof: Free Lifetime Safety Upgrades

Open Safety Equipment Ltd, (“OSEL”) strives to achieve the highest levels of safety across all its products and maintains a programme of research and engineering development with that purpose. When improvements in materials, design or technology are found, that improve the safety of the product, an upgrade free of charge will be issued to the buyer of this equipment. This guarantee is valid for for the lifetime of the equipment, and may be transferred with the equipment if it is sold.
This upgrade policy does not include upgrades that are not primarily of a safety nature, such as upgrades to add features, or to improve features for reasons other than safety.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Rebreathers

OSEL warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship under use in accord with the User Manual.  OSEL shall, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any parts free of charge in the event of any part being found defective for the rated service life of the product for rebreathers and for one year for other products.

This warranty constitutes the sole and exclusive remedy available to the purchaser with regard to any defective product. The obligations of OSEL have been restricted by these warranty terms and does not cover losses incurred as a result or damage to property or persons.  Al goods are supplied on terms and conditions where the user waives all right to damages, consequential, liquidated or otherwise.

The warranty excludes cover for damage that is the result of transportation, negligence by the user or failure to observe the instructions given, to properly maintain, or circumstances outside the control of OSEL such as theft, fire, accidents and acts of vandalism or war, and further excludes normal wear and tear.

The purchaser shall inform OSEL of the defect by email without delay, and in any event, within three months, of the purchaser being put on notice of the defect. The notice shall include the following information: (1) the product in question (model, serial number), (2) specification of the defect as accurately as possible, and (3) the circumstances in which the defect was detected and/or appears.

Diving is a highly hazardous activity. The user is responsible for performing risk assessment of all operations and taking all necessary risk mitigation measures. See our Terms and Conditions of Sale for further information on the user's obligations to manage dive risks: (Link: Terms and Conditions of Sale)


OSEL offer factory service of any of its products at 4% of the current list price of that product plus shipping. 


Contact OSEL before returning any product for a returns number, and instructions on packing and customs declaration.  The customer is responsible for all taxes, duties or demurrage costs that arise from a failure to follow the customs declaration process advised by OSEL.