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Open Safety Equipment Ltd: dedicated to providing the safest rebreathers on the planet

Rebreather Training: onsite, remote and video refreshers

On your sites: 

Open Safety offer onsite training for all its products, using instructors that have done your job so they understand your needs.  Our instructors include former Chief Clearance Divers, Naval Divers, Commercial Divers, and the most some of the most renown Technical Diver Instructors. 

On our sites: 

For Naval, Commando and Special Forces, we offer training in the UK, Australia and in Jakarta where the 17m deep full length pool provides training facilities for helicopter entry, ship boarding and other tactical capabilities. We provide over 30 different courses to Special Forces, with some of the best instructors in the sector.
For Commercial Diving, we offer classes with leading commercial diving schools.
For recreational diving, our instructors offer courses to 100m depth.

Remote video refreshers:

Remote training includes our refresher courses which operate with video support, to assist you after you have been using our equipment for some time, and would like a refresher course on the key technician processes or on some of the advanced dive techniques.  We have a library of these course, a sample from which is below.  To access the others in the series, contact us: we are here to serve you.

Clearing a rebreather flood underwater
One of our clearance diving instructors demonstrates how to clear a flood completely underwater while maintaining good buoyancy control and without surfacing. The demonstration is on the Incursion CMR rebreather: process is the same for all our rebreather models.

Servicing the Apollo A320 first stage regulator
A 30 minute refresher on servicing the Incursion A320 regulator developed by Apollo.

Servicing the Incursion CMR Auto Loop volume Valve (ALV)
A 5 minute refresher on how to fault find and service the Incursion ALV.
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LP Hose Testing
Quality control of LP hoses in Open Safety, showing how we test hoses to 40 bar in production and a proof test to 100 bar, along with the decisions on the use of crimp and reusable connectors, our progressive valve seats and other key design aspects of the LP systems fitted to Open Safety rebreathers.
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