IEC 61508 Safety Case: Sample HAZOPS

Examples of design decisions developed using a HAZOP process during the design of the Open Safety's Family of Rebreathers

HAZOP report Hoses 100816.pdf (177KB)
HAZOP resulted in formulation of thicker hoses that withstand 100kg pull, are Thiram free and have spiral convolution to avoid water acting as a bacterial pool for units in storage.
HAZOP report O Rings (86KB)
Considers all seals and O-rings in the O.R. rebreathers.
HAZOP report on on-off algorithm (80KB)
As a result of HAZOP, wet contacts were removed and PPO2 activated on-off algorithm adopted universally.
HAZOP report on iCCR Diver Interface (80KB)
As a result of HAZOP, display provided to buddy diver.
HAZOP report on tank pressure sender device (81KB)
HAZOP process applied to a contents gauge using a pressure sensor with an RF link.