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Open Safety Equipment Ltd: dedicated to providing the safest rebreathers on the planet

Open Safety's Exhibitions

Forthcoming Exhibitions: 

On 20th January 2020, Open Safety cancelled all exhibition slots to minimise risk to clients and staff, until the coronavirus pandemic is under control, or there is a safe vaccine available.   All slots to the end of 2021 are cancelled.

11-14 Nov 2021: Bergen International Diving Conference
Featuring Open Safety's umbilical diving rebreathers for commercial diving. The only rebreather certified for primary use in commercial diving, it offers major advantages in safety, reduced costs and simplified logistics for deep surface supplier and saturation diving. It remains the only commercial dive systems meeting a recognised Functional Safety certifications, setting a new standard in compliance and safety. .

14-17 Sept 2021: DSEI, UK
Open Safety's Incursion range of military rebreathers will be exhibited by Northern Diver.


We have been exhibiting or presenting around the world since 2008, including at DEMA, UDT, BOOT, the Bergen International Dive Seminar and SPARK Ada conferences. Just of a few of the highlights include:

2019: UDT Stockholm
Specialist Session Speaker: Dr. Alex Deas on Functional Safety in Diving

The contribution Functional Safety has been making to military diving in Asia has been ignored in Europe.  Single faults are often catastrophic in systems currently deployed, when alternatives that tolerate three levels of failure are available at a lower lifetime cost.  Examples are given of rebreather systems, gas switches, and electronics.  Adopting these in Europe would be a step improvement to dive safety.

2013: IMDEX Singapore
Launch of Open Safety's Compact Multimode Rebreather, the Incursion CMR, and Open Safety's Celibri dive computer rated for 350m.

2011: Bergen Dive Conference
Launch of Open Safety's Cyclops Commercial Diving Rebreather, endorsed by Technip, the dive operator for the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.   With CE, NORSOK and IEC 61508 Functional Safety certifications to SIL 3, it set a new standard in compliance and safety.  The conference featured a fully functioning demonstrations including the real time end-of-exhale CO2 monitoring.  The rebreather was also demonstrated at DEMA later that year.

2009: DEMA 2009 Orlando
Launch of Open Safety's sports rebreather range with fully functional mCCR and iCCR rebreathers. Also on standard was our Cyclops commercial diving rebeather with telemetry to topside for rebreather status, video feeds and voice to supervisor.